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Elite Free Range Medium Nest Box - 50 to 75 hens

Elite Free Range Medium Nest Box - 50 to 75 hens

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  • Capacity:
    Once per day egg collection: 50 hens
    Twice per day egg collection: 75 hens

    Produce free range or fertile eggs the easy way with the Elite Free Range Nesting Box. Hens will enter the nesting box, lay an egg and leave. This ensures optimal egg production and less breakage of eggs as they don't sit or step on the eggs.

    The Free Range Nest Box roll out nest box (also called a rollaway nest box) has a sloped floor which causes eggs to roll away from the hens to a collection area. This roll out feature keeps the eggs clean and unbroken and all in one place for easy collection.

    The Elite Free Range Medium Nest Box can be used to either:

    •  Produce free range eating eggs to sell or use at home or
    •  Produce fertile eggs from your free range chickens to incubate in your incubator

    Once per day egg collection: 50 hens
    Twice per day egg collection: 75 hens

    Dimensions: 120cm (Wide) x 55 cm x 55 cm - 12KG

    Very Important: This product is couriered in flat packed form and must be assembled with a pop-rivet tool when it arrived. Pop-rivet screws are included.

    Benefits of using the Elite Free Range Nest Box:

    • Eggs stay clean and safe from hens stepping on them causing breakages

    • Hens are stimulated to lay more eggs giving you more eggs per hen

    • Collecting eggs is quick and easy


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