Poultry Tube Feeder Medium

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Elite Medium Sized Poultry Tube Feeder - 6 kg Capacity

Our feeder comes with a unique built in anti-waste ring which prevents chicks and chickens from wasting feed - saving you money.

Feeding capacity: 3 per 100 birds
Application: Use from 7 days old to end of life cycle of the bird
Feed Capacity: 6 kg of feed

Give your chicks the poultry equipment they deserve!

It's very important to provide sufficient food and water for chicks to grow efficiently.

The right poultry equipment needs to be used in order for chicks to have access to food when they need it. 

Elite Poultry Equipment supplies the best poultry equipment available on the market. You can buy with confidence knowing that our poultry equipment solutions will give your flock the best chance to grow into strong birds!